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Chef - dsc_script vs dsc_resource

Posted on — Jan 27, 2017

As I continue to experiment with my chef environment, I’ve run into an interesting limitation with the dsc_script resource.

As it turns out, with WMF5 RTM, apparently the Start-DSCConfiguration parsing that chef performs has broken.

Previously, I had been doing:

 dsc_script 'Web-Server' do
  code <<-EOH
  WindowsFeature InstallWebServer
    Name = "Web-Server"
    Ensure = "Present"

Unfortunately, with WMF5 - the DSC idempotence is broken. More accurately, reporting on the idempotence is broken.

Every single chef-client run will report a resource updated for the DSC script

That’s right, every time. Sigh. Even if it’s in the desired state prior to the client run.

Fortunately, there is a workaround, the dsc_resource resource. It works with WMF5.0 and properly reports.

dsc_resource 'install-sub-features' do
  resource :windowsfeature
  property :ensure, 'Present'
  property :name, 'GPMC'
  property :IncludeAllSubFeature, true

The downside, here, is that it’s a bit less readable. I actually have a strong preference for native DSC scripts; but this will work for now - its not too farr off DSC verbiage.

Anyways; just a quick tidbit. If you’re running WMF5.0 and Chef - you should favor dsc_resource over dsc_script.