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This blog has been migrated to AWS

Posted on — Jan 17, 2017

Over the holiday weekend I’ve made some major changes to this blog! Retroactive apology to anyone who had bookmarked anything on this site!

Prior to this weekend; I’ve been running a pretty hacked version of WordPRess on a budget host. Frankly, it was mostly fine but I’d noticed some downtime here and there, and once in a while they’d just be slow. Overall for the price I was paying, they were great.

However, I finally made the jump to move off WordPress and to Jekyll.

Overall I’m really pleased with the move. Flat-file; no need for a DB for a site that ostensibly does not need it. Markdown for blog posts. Integrates with CI (I’ll put together another post later, but I’m running a full blown CI setup with Jenkins, Git, and AWS - really happy)

So how’s the site setup?

No code to share today; more or less just a post to say “This blog has changed a bit!” and I’ll do a writeup of configuring Jenkins for CI in tandem with Jekyll in the near term.