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DPM SQL Recovery Error 30111

Posted on — May 17, 2016

Here’s one little trick that I recently came across when performing a DPM 2012 R2 redirected SQL recovery.

Type: Disk recovery 

Status: Failed 

Description: The VSS application writer or the VSS provider is in a bad state. 
Either it was already in a bad state or it entered a bad state during the current 
operation. (ID 30111 Details: VssError:The writer experienced a non-transient 
error. If the backup process is retried, the error is likely to reoccur. 

More information 
End time: 5/15/2016 3:04:29 PM 

Start time: 5/15/2016 3:04:18 PM 

Time elapsed: 00:00:10 

Data transferred: 0 MB (0 bytes) 


Target details: PATH_TO_\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL11.INSTANCENAME\MSSQL\DATA\ on 
SERVER.fqdn Cluster node -

Huh. VSS provider in a bad state?

But… it’s not. So, what’s actually happening? Turn out the origin SQL Server and Destination (redirected) SQL server have mismatching instance names. So when it goes to restore, it actually tries to restore to a different directory structure than the origin server, and the process fails.

Two possible fixes:

  1. On recovery, modify the target’s directory structure / path to reflect the instance name on the destination. This is easy enough for a one-off restore.

  2. *On the destination server, ensure file structures and instance names match the origin. This is easier for long-term and recurring restores.   Just a quick tip as everything I came across for this on google ended up being how to troubleshoot VSS provider issues, but this is not necessarily a VSS issue. Thanks for the descriptive errors, guys!