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Cmder Lambda

Posted on — May 4, 2016

So I have to say, I’m just enamored with Cmder It’s phenomenal. Elegant, clean, and just truly the best console application I’ve used. Throw it in a dropbox and you’re _set. _SSH, git, grep… all my *nix aliases in one portable package? Sure thing - I’m sold. And it’s pretty. Let’s customize it a teeny, tiny bit. I wont re-write the featureset, so:

Git and others

Oooh yes! If you decide to use the slightly bigger msysgit version, you will have all Unix commands ready in PATH so that you can git init or cat instantly on every machine.

Total portability

Carry it with you on USB stick or in Cloud. So your settings, aliases and history can go anywhere you go. You will not see that ugly Windows prompt ever again.

With help of the best

Think about cmder more as a software package than a separate app. All the magic is happening through Conemu. With enhancements from Clink.

But man; that Lambda at the command prompt… just irks me.

So how do you fix it? There’s two places to edit:

  1. <cmder_dir>\config\cmder.lua As you can see; I’m partial to the carat (> ) but you can use whatever you want.
  2. <cmder_dir>\vendor\profile.ps1 This was a bit trickier to track down; but there it is. You may want to edit this so you know when you’re in PowerShell; but its up to you.